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French Roast is an iconic coffee sought after by many, enjoyed by all. This is a very dark coffee prepared with a European flair by the experts at Green Mountain. French Roast is among the darkest methods of roasting followed only by Spanish and Italian. This uber-intense coffee is brought to the brink of burning, creating a whole new coffee experience. The unique process removes virtually all of the original coffee characteristics leaving us to revel in the smoky flavors that only the best of the coffee artisans can perfect. 

Those of you that are already enjoying Kcarafe coffee using your Keurig brewer know that the choices are still somewhat limited. Keurig was very stringent in only picking the most coveted coffee flavors and roasts to be released in the first phase of Kcarafe coffees. French Roast has long been high ranking in popularity so it was of course at the top of the list when it came to the first-round Kcarafe draft picks. 

I chose to brew my French Roast Kcarafe on the 4-5 cup water setting of my Keurig 2.0. I was quite certain that such a powerful cup of joe could stand up to the higher amount of water without tasting "thin". The aroma struck me immediately. That enjoyable coffee smell is sometimes absent when using a Keurig. The somewhat closed brewing technology seems to trap those amazing scents but, there was no containing French Roast. My kitchen was filled with wafts of coffee heaven. 

The appearance of French Roast in the mug was somewhat surprising. I expected an ultra-dark, pitch-black liquid. That was partially the case however, there was a slight bit of translucency at the tippy top of my mug. I would like to stress that was the minority however, it did exist.


The first sip can only be described as understated and satisfying. So many dark roast coffees do nothing other than punch you in the face with over-the-top smoke and mirrors (as I like to refer to it). Green Mountain has managed to temper that rebellious attribute with a true artisan coffee weaved in. Yes, you do get the smokey taste but it is accented by citrus and hints of chocolate. The citrus is sharp and produces a very mild, very pleasant bitterness. The thick body allows all three of these flavors to linger on the tongue F O R E V E R.

I actually chose to drink this coffee black- that is extremely rare for me especially with a dark roast. I simply did not see the need for the cream to make this coffee palatable. 

I would highly, highly recommend this Kcarafe to dark roast drinkers. Medium roast fans that are looking for a little more oomph to your morning cup of joe...give this one a try. Light and flavored coffee drinkers, this is not the Kcarafe for you. PURCHASE K-CUP PODS HERE:>>


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