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Posted on Thu, Dec 04, 2014


The tree nut allergen content of Keurig K-cups has been my topic of conversation lately.  Mainly because determining whether or not a K-cup contains certain allergens can be quite confusing.  With so many roasters and hundreds of flavors available, it is quite difficult to keep it all straight.  I have done some research and want to at least attempt to lay it all out for you. 

Flavored K-cup Coffees

The Keurig website offers us a contradictory statement about the allergen contents of flavored K-cup coffees.  In one sentence they state that flavored coffees manufactured by Gloria Jeans, Green Mountain and Timothy's do not contain any nut proteins. Yet, another sentence says that flavored coffees are prepared in a separate batch then regular coffees and a thorough cleaning is performed after flavored K-cups are prepared. One would assume that is to mean that they do contain potential tree nut allergens. Having visited the Green Mountain production plant I can attest that this is true, I did see quite a separation of the two and cleanings occurring. But, that still leaves our question unanswered. 

My Advice

This leads to me to my advice to be sure that you are avoiding any potential issues. If you have a severe allergy...stick with the non flavored K-cup coffees or choose a flavor that is not nut related (such as vanilla) but, of course you should check the individual product for it's specific allergen information, this is just a guide line. Another alternative would be to use a nut free syrup to flavor your coffee such as these (there is a handy chart here to determine their contents). 


In general, you will be safe with most teas but, again check the packaging to be sure. 

Hot Cocoa

Unfortunately, Hot Cocoa, Cafe Mocha, Cafe Caramel and Cafe Vanilla are going to be some of the K-cups you should avoid.  A good rule of thumb is to use the consistency as a guide.  If it is creamy, it most likely will contain soy or tree nuts.  

It is simply no fun to have these allergens, you have to research everything you eat or drink and can not indulge in some tasty treats that the rest of us get to enjoy but, it is even less fun to have an allergic reaction.  If you follow this guideline it will help you narrow down the choices of K-cups that may be suitable for you.  Then you can use the packaging to make you final decision.  

Do you have a nut allergy an drink K-cup coffees?  Which have you found that work best for your restrictions?

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