Keurig K-cup Recipe ~ Summer Shandy

Posted on Mon, Jun 23, 2014

Whoever the genius is that decided to mix the two most refreshing drinks on the planet - beer and lemonade - I would like to thank you!  Beer cocktails are right up my alley- crisp, clean and relatively low in alcohol content. But, I only need one, I have no need to keep a fridge full of them. When the desire strikes I have to drive to the store, bring them home, chill them and then finally I get to enjoy one. Do I really need to go to all that hassle? Recently it dawned on me...I can make these myself with my Keurig brewer!

Here is how to make a quick and easy Summer Shandy using your Keurig K-cup brewer...

You will need:

1 beer of your choice

1 cup of ice

- Start by adding one cup of ice to a martini shaker.

- Brew your Lemonade K-cup directly into a martini shaker using the lowest water setting of you Keurig.  Caution- only do this if your martini shaker is stainless steel (I have this one) or plastic, do not brew directly into anything glass.  

- Shake the lemonade to encourage chilling. 

- Next, pour even amounts of your beer into two cocktail glasses.

- Finally, add even amounts of the now chilled lemonade to each of the cocktail glasses. 

Garnish with a lemon and share with a friend!

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