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Posted on Thu, Jul 03, 2014


English Breakfast Keurig K-cup tea is brought to us by London's famous Twinings brand.  English Breakfast is a traditional variety, popular among tried and true tea drinkers. Although I do drink tea on a daily basis, I do not consider myself an aficianado for that reason I have called in our resident expert, tea enthusiast and might I saw, word smith. 

Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to our first ever guest review by our very own J. Williams...applause , applause...

Upon the first taste, the bountiful flavor and shear power of this tea envelops the taste buds in remarkable fashion. Though English Breakfast Keurig K-cup Tea has herbs originating throughout the world, its true home lies within the United Kingdom, where it is commonly served with a hearty breakfast. Milk and sugar earn eager consideration, as they complement the tea in superb fashion.

For starters, the taste of the tea without any additives should be considered.  It is very rich, and carries a full body that differentiates it from any light herbal or iced tea you will find from Twinings.  To some it may seem dry, but that is where the milk finds its purpose. As the tea dwells on the taste buds, a plethora of earthy textures come across with a magnificent aftertaste typical of black teas.  No herbal or fruity notes to be found, as this tea is a straight-shooting, strictly business blend just as any English Breakfast Tea should be.

If you are unfamiliar with English Breakfast Tea, you must try it at least once under the right circumstances.  This tea cannot be drunken on an empty stomach.  English Breakfast tea shares similar characteristics, in terms of acidity and body, to a medium (regular) roast cup of coffee. That being said, this tea is well suited as a potential substitute for those in search of new avenues in their morning routines.  Try it during a Sunday brunch and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Besides the taste and character of this tea, the nutrition and supplement information deserves ample consideration, as our world is constantly getting healthier and more conscious of disease prevention. 

First coming to mind is the caffeine content, which in all black teas is strong (over twice that of green tea), so be sure to enjoy this at an appropriate time so you are not rendered sleepless.  Interestingly, this black tea carry strong amounts antioxidants and flavonoids, which the common tea drinker would normally associate with green or herbal teas.

Twinings_English_Breakfast_keurig_K-cup_tea_in_mugIf you aren’t well versed on antioxidants and their purpose, it is actually a relatively simple concept.  After your body uses oxygen (at the molecular level), by-products are produced, called “free radicals.”  No, this is not a new, leftist movement. “Free radicals” are simply deterrents to your bodily health that you would be wise to rid yourself of.  So implies the theory, if you intake enough antioxidants your health and longevity will appreciate.

Flavonoids on the other hand, have a history clouded with mystery and uncertainty.  No one really knows for sure how effective flavonoids are in humans, yet in trials with animals, flavonoids were shown to lower the risk of a variety of health problems.   The health problems that flavonoids supposedly target range from tooth decay, to cardiovascular disease, to the flu. 

In closing this tea is just plain magnificent.  If marvelous flavor, adequate caffeine, antioxidant and flavonoid content aren’t enough to get you drinking this tea, then certainly you will be guzzling it by the pot when you realize drinking four (or more) cups a day will also prevent cancer.  As will drinking a cup of warm cow urine before sunrise, but personally I prefer the K-cup tea.


J. William


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