Keurig K-cup Review-French Vanilla Chai Latte

Posted on Thu, Jan 08, 2015

French Vanilla Chai Latte is the latest member of our Keurig K-cup tea family and we are ecstatic to have it. Twinings of London recently released two exciting K-cups, traditional Chai and French Vanilla Chai. Both are a new endeavor for Twinings. Tea has been their business for hundreds of years, they were one of the first to join the K-cup revolution and now they have kept with the innovation, adding indulgent drinks that include cream and sweetener. 

I chose to brew my French Vanilla Chai K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig.  Although the appearance was nice and thick, my first sip was a bit watery.  I tried again on the middle setting and there was a much better result.  I would recommend using the middle or even the lowest water setting to get a nice full body out of this K-cup tea. 


Black tea is the base with the addition of dried non fat milk and cane sugar.  But, the piece de la resistance is the expertly blended spices. I was thrilled to find that it is not simply overwhelmed by cinnamon as a lot of these sorts of drinks are.  The cardamom and cloves shine through and are nicely calmed with a hint of sweet vanilla flavor.  All of the flavors are minimal but combined pack a powerful punch.

French Vanilla Chai latte is pleasing to the sweet tooth but, it is nicely understated.  It is a tea drinkers K-cup, don't expect this to be a replacement for your hot cocoa, it is suitable for more of an adult palate. But, don't get me wrong it is a treat and at only 60 calories, one you can enjoy everyday!

P.S. If you are interested in making other types of lattes at home check out this book.

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