Keurig K-cup Review-Krispy Kreme Smooth

Posted on Thu, Sep 18, 2014


Krispy Kreme is not only synonymous with amazing donuts but just like any other donut shop their coffee is to die for.  The problem is, finding a Kripsy Kreme can be quite challenging, there are exactly zero any where near me.  That is why I was so extremely ecstatic when I heard that they were joining forces with Keurig and release their coveted coffee in K-cup form!

Krispy Kreme currently only has two roasts available, one regular and one decaf.  But, mark my words, I predict there will be more.  How could they possibly not have a glazed donut flavor?! 

The regular roast variety currently available in the K-cup format is called Smooth.  This name is utterly simplistic and could not be more accurate a description of this coffee.  In fact, I could end the review there because smooth is the word that instantly comes to mind when enjoying a cup of this coffee. 

The aroma was strong from the second it started to brew.  The first sip had definite woodsy undertones and a surprisingly strong body for a light roast coffee.  There was no apparent flatness that is often found with the lighter roasts in fact it was full of depth and personality.  This K-cup coffee is perfectly suited to be sipped black but, add a touch of cream and it turns into pure silk. 

The appearance was darker than one would expect, with very minimal translucency.


This is one easy cup of joe to drink.  Light and medium roast fans, you are going to love this one.  Dark roast and flavored coffee lovers, this is not the K-cup for you. 

Have you tried Krispy Kreme Smooth yet?  What did you think?

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