Keurig K-cup Review-Peet's House Blend

Posted on Thu, Sep 04, 2014


is a very welcomed new comer to our Keurig K-cup lineup.  Those on the west coast will be quite familiar with the name, as it is a very trendy coffee shop that originated in Berkeley, California.  The first store opened in 1966 and they have since taken the coffee industry by storm.  Peet's is famous for a small batch, deeply roasted, dark coffee that lacks a burnt taste and boasts approachable characteristics.

House Blend
comes from Latin American origins and remains their signature roast today.  This is a bright and balanced coffee with a medium body. I do agree that this is an easier to drink K-cup from the dark roast genre but, beware it is truly dark.  There is no translucency what so ever.


The flavor is extremely rich with a pleasant bite. Despite the darkness it remains bright and balanced.  I detected a hint of spice with a crisp citrusy finish.  

Peet's hails this as a beginners coffee.  Suggesting that this would be a great roast to start with before moving on to their even darker cups of joe.  I have to say that I think that is a stretch.  I would only recommend this K-cup to true dark roast lovers.  I am certain that it would not appeal to any other group of coffee drinkers.  With that said, dark roast are going to love this line of Keurig K-cups!

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