Keurig K-cup Review-Perfetto

Posted on Thu, Nov 13, 2014


Perfetto is a dark Keurig K-cup coffee brought to us by Italy's favorite roaster- Lavazza. Perfetto is prepared in a European fashion resulting in an espresso type of flavor.  

I chose to brew my Perfetto K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig brewer, expecting that this dark, espresso roast coffee would be "thick" enough to stand up to the extra water without losing any of its body. While brewing the aroma was that of dry wood of course mixed with an amazing coffee scent.

The result was somewhat surprising.  The brewed Perfetto was not nearly as dark as I thought it would be. There is a slight translucency around the edges.  Great for someone like me who is not a huge fan of the ultra dark coffees.


The first sip was what I would expect from the appearance- dark but not overwhelming.  I would describe this K-cup coffee as "mild bold".  This roast has a very classic espresso taste but without the body true espresso drinkers love- remember that espresso is a brewing method that creates a crema, you can not duplicate that with a Keurig but, you can come pretty darn close.  

There was an absolute lack of bitterness and depth.  But, please don't misconstrue the lack of depth as a bad thing, I rather enjoyed the unfooled around with, straightforward charachteristics of this coffee. There was a medium mouth feel and a smoothness that made this a perfect candidate for straight black coffee drinkers. 

I would recommend Lavazza Perfetto Keurig K-cup coffee first and foremost to medium roast coffee drinkers. Dark coffee lovers, you would be next in line.  Light roast and flavored lovers- this is not the K-cup for you. 

Have you tried any of the Lavazza coffees? Which is your favorite?
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