10 Quick Tips About Keurig®  K-Cup®  Coupon Codes

Posted on Fri, Mar 23, 2018

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Scoring a great deal on any product can be an adrenaline rush, it feels like finding a long-lost treasure, climbing Kilimanjaro, and swimming the English Channel. Ok, maybe that is just me = I.LOVE.BARGAINS. The high can be especially addicting when it comes to elusive products; I am looking at you Keurig® K-Cup® coffee. Starbucks® , Dunkin' Donuts® , Donut Shop® ...those brands don't come cheap...unless you know where to look, and coupon codes or even printable coupons are not the only answer. There are plenty of other places to search and we know ten of them.

10 ways to save money on K-Cup® coffee (with our without a coupon):

1) Deal listing pages

An all-inclusive database of available opportunities will lay all of the options out for you. Some of the promotions are set, enabling you to save money repeatedly; others are short and usually involve deep discounts. Our favorite are giveaway opportunities- after all, free Keurig® coffee is always the best deal!

2) Everyday low price brands

When time is short (which is pretty much always) my favorite way to get cheap K-Cup® coffee is by choosing brands that offer a competitive price every day. However, I am not willing to sacrifice quality when it comes to my precious morning coffee. That is why I stick with Diedrich® , Donut House® , and Twinings® .

3) Subscribe and save/ coffee of the month club

A subscription service or coffee of the month club is a no-brainer for cost-cutting. The standard 5% reduction may seem insignificant but, 5% recurring month after month adds up to a steep savings.

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4) Clearance

The clearance section can sometimes be a pile of useless low priced garbage. When the clearance section is devoted solely to pods coffee, it is a treasure trove of wonders! Most of the time you can find great gourmet brands such as Green Mountain® and Folgers® , ready for the taking.

5) Giveaways

Did someone say free coffee? Sign me up, a.s.a.p.! You can often find Keurig® K-Cup® giveaway opportunities on distributors websites or Facebook or best of all- both.

6) Bulk

Purchasing bulk K-Cup® coffee is akin to sticking with everyday discount brands- it is consistent, easy to find, and saves you tons of time. Larger boxes of K-Cup® coffee will almost always be priced lower than the tiny sizes you see at grocery and big box stores. Bulk K-Cup® coffee can most easily be found online or at wholesale outlets.

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7) Shipping

If you choose to purchase said bulk size boxes from said online distributor as mentioned in #6, shipping can make or break the deal. The cost of shipping has skyrocketed over the past few years, and corporations are feeling the pinch and are being forced to pass the cost on to you the consumer. However, most companies are willing to negotiate and offer discounted or free shipping on orders over a specific dollar amount. Generally, with K-Cup® coffee, we see free shipping granted on orders in the $50 range.

8) Price match

I have an affinity for using price match opportunities because I tend to be very loyal to companies that treat me well. Most are absurdly grateful for the chance to match a competitors pricing rather than lose you as a customer. Always check for and utilize price match guarantees.

9) Coupon bloggers

Coupon bloggers seek out savings like it is there job- probably because it is. Blogs are paid a commission for passing the best prices online on to you. They are highly motivated to find you the best coffee price. As a savvy shopper, it would be silly to not capitalize on their hard work.

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10) Hidden opportunities

Sometimes, you can find Keurig® K-Cup® coupon codes in sneaky places, when you least expect it. We, for example, offer a $5.00 off coupon to all new users for signing up for our email list (doubly great because you will be notified about sales). All that you have to do is simply be on the website for 20 seconds and a pop up box will appear. I have seen similar technology on many other K-Cup® coffee websites as well.

A second surprise can be found at the bottom of most blog posts. Scroll to the bottom of an article, and you will be greeted with an offer to save on a product related to the piece!

Where do you find the best deals, coupon codes, free giveaways and/ or printable coupons for Keurig® K-Cup® coffee?


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