Keurig Kcup Review-Dark Italian Roast

Posted on Wed, Mar 18, 2015


Dark Italian Roast
is a new Kcup brought to us by Eight O'Clock Coffee. Coffee beans roasted in the Italian style are considered the darkest.  This method creates a very dark, shiny brown bean and brings out smoky/ burnt undertones.  Lack of acidity and a thin body are common features of Italian roast coffees.  Does the Eight O'Clock variety live up to this description?  Let's find out...

I was a bit nervous about trying this roast, the uber dark coffees are not always up my alley (although they THE best selling Kcups).  I decided to try three full cups of this coffee over two days to really examine the undertones and characteristics in order to not jump to a snap decision based on my biases...I was so glad I did this.  

I chose to brew my Dark Italian Roast Kcup coffee on the highest water setting of my brewer, I knew darn well that any Italian roast coffee can handle a large amount of water. The result was a pitch black cup of coffee with just the slightest hints of translucency around the edges. 

P.S. The aroma from this coffee is stunning!


I took a deep breath and dove in for my first sip.  As I anticipated it was dark, smoky and tasted slightly burnt...on the front end. Then something crazy happened, it seemed to morph itself into the smooth, satisfying indulgence that we have come to know and love from Eight O'Clock.  This left me beyond intrigued.  Is it possible to have a smooth tasting, easy to drink ultra dark Kcup coffee?  Add a generous splash of cream and I have to say that yes- it absolutely is. 

There is a citrusy sort of bite with smoky tones right away.  But, that is what everyone loves about Italian roast coffees, if we took that away we would be turning it into any ol' cup of joe.  There is a pleasant bitterness and it finished with a chocolately, caramelish flavor that lingers for an amazing amount of time.  In short- this Kcup is absolutely packed with depth. This is not a quick morning cup of java, you will want to take your time and savor Italian roast, enjoying every subtle nuance.  There is a surprisingly thin mouth feel, as is I stated above is common with this European roasting style.  In addition, the lack of acidity was noticeable and appreciated.

I would highly recommend this strong Kcup coffee to all dark roast fans, you will love it!  Medium roast coffee drinkers that are looking for a little somethin' new- give it a chance, I think you will enjoy it as well.  Light roast coffee drinkers- this is definitely not the Kcup for you!

Have you tried Italian roast coffee? What are your thoughts?
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