Posted on Thu, Jun 25, 2015

Nothing is worse than stumbling to your Keurig at the crack of dawn and encountering an issue. Nothing brews, the Kcup explodes or heaven forbid you get the dreaded Keurig 2.0 oops message. Its a horrible way to start the day but, the good news is, most of these issues can be easily fixed or even prevented. 

To help save you the pain and agony of a broken Keurig, we have compiled this list of our most popular Keurig troubleshooting posts:

1) My K-cup Exploded, Now What?


2) How to Clean a Keurig Mini Brewer


3) More Water Please.


4) How to Clean a Keurig 2.0


5) Keurig 2.0 "Oops" error.


6) What to do if you get coffee grinds in your mug when brewing with a Keurig.



7) What to do if your Keurig only brews half a cup.


Armed with this information and a friend in the business (that would be us of course), you will be happily brewing delicious Kcup coffee for years to come!

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Additional resources:

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