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Keurig® troubleshooting is occasionally an area of contention for some owners. With state of the art coffee brewing technology, these machines aren't your grandmother's percolator or your moms pour over (although my mom was instant coffee, in the microwave, kind of lady. I am guessing 12-hour nursing shifts had something to do with that, so I have since forgiven her). Keurig® troubleshooting requires just a little more know how, that often gets overlooked when purchasing from big box stores. But, don't worry there are plenty of experts out there to guide you through the process. With over 10 years of Keurig® experience, we have accumulated quite a mass of knowledge regarding Keurig® troubleshooting and are absolutely happy to share. Knowing just a few key points and perhaps even more important having someone to turn to will make Keurig® troubleshooting a non factor. You will find yourself with a happy coffee brewer, churning out cup after cup of delicious, gourmet coffee.

Before we get to our Keurig® troubleshooting resources, I wanted to offer a few tips for proper maintenance of your brewer. After all, preventing issues is the best plan of all. I can not possibly stress enough how important good water is to a Keurig®. Using filtered water in your unit is absolutely the number one thing you can do to ensure longevity. Second, always, always descale your brewer on a regular basis whether the machine tells you to or not. Last but, not least when you do descale, allow the cleaning solution to sit in the reservoir for at least 4 hours. Those three simple ideas will have you well on the way to completely avoiding Keurig troubleshooting. However, if you find yourself facing a coffee crisis, we can help. Below are links to the most common Keurig® issues you will come across and their solutions.


And you thought I was exaggerating about the mass amount of knowledge we have stored away! I will never forget the first day one of these new fangled coffee makers appeared in our kitchen, way before anyone even knew how to pronounce the name. I honestly thought it would never take off and shot down the idea of getting into the business. Then with a chip on my shoulder, I reluctantly tried it and had to admit the coffee was amazing. But, maintaining and using this thing? Too complicated. I was wrong yet, again. It ended up being an absolute breeze.

Don't let the long list of information scare you, that includes every single question and/or issue we have come across in 10 years. From the get-go we decided that recording and sharing this information was of the utmost importance to assure that users like yourself would not jump to the same conclusions we did in our Keurig® using infancy. If your issue is not covered in our Keurig® troubleshooting list please just ask, we are always happy to use our resources to help make your coffee brewing experience enjoyable. The world of single cup coffee brewing can be a wonderful one if you have a friend to help along the way.

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