10 Best Light Roast K-Cup® Coffees

Posted on Wed, Feb 22, 2017

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We get it, light roast coffee can be a real drag. It is so hard to find any that does not taste weak, watered down, and plain old wimpy.

This may be true in some cases. But hating on light roasts is a preconceived notion. Light roast K-Cup® pods are some of the highest quality, most flavor distinctive coffees available.

Today, we will teach you why we love light roast K-Cup® coffee and you should too. Plus, we will get you started with a list of the ten best.

What is light roast coffee?

During the coffee roasting process, raw beans are heated to different levels for varying intervals of time. Light roast beans in their virgin form, are heated to about 375 degrees or just before the famous first crack. There are two well-known cracks during the process. A bean heated to the first crack is labeled a medium roast. If a bean is left long enough to reach the second crack, you have a dark roast.

As beans are heated, changes in chemical composition occur establishing unique characteristics for each level. Light roast coffees are relieved of the heat early, allowing for the retention of key coffee attributes. Light roast coffees are often used in professional cuppings as they allow all of the original, subtle nuances to shine through. In other words, the flavor details have not been lost by a long roasting. 

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 Photo credit: Keurig.com (used with permission)

How much acid is in light roast coffee?

Light coffees are the most acidic. Often those looking for a low acid coffee avoid the darks roasts and turn to a lighter version. When in fact, the opposite should be their pursuit. If you prefer a low acid coffee you should choose a dark roast. 

Is there less caffeine in light roast K-Cup® coffee?

Second on the list of misconceptions is caffeine content. You have probably heard people talk about how "strong" their dark coffee is. When the truth is, light roast coffees contain slightly more caffeine than those that have sustained a two crack roasting.

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Photo credit: Keurig.com (used with permission)

What are the best light roast K-Cup® coffees?

The 10 most popular light roast K-Cup® pods are:

  1. McCafe Breakfast Blend
  2. Starbucks Veranda Blend
  3. Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend
  4. Donut House Coffee
  5. Green Mountain Our Blend
  6. Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry
  7. Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut
  8. Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream
  9. Green Mountain French Vanilla
  10. Green Mountain Hazelnut

There is a large variety of light roast K-Cup® coffee pods because they are popular. Light roast K-Cups® will satisfy the greatest range of coffee drinkers. We assure you, light roast K-Cup® pods are lively and fresh!


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