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I was on a road trip last week and survived thirteen hours in the car thanks solely to McDonald's coffee. I thought I was sacrificing by resorting to a fast food cup of joe but that was a galaxy away from the truth. Instead, I found myself back at the drive-thru for a second cup of McCafe.

McDonald's McCafe is a gourmet coffee. I know the term gourmet gets tossed around a lot but, it truly does mean something. Gourmet refers to the type of beans used and in the case of gourmet, it is100% Arabica, a.k.a. - the cream of the crop. McDonald's uses Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala to create their unique medium roast blend.

McCafe coffee has become so popular that McDonald's has opened over a thousand standalone McCafe coffee shops worldwide. Although burgers and fries are still their main gig, they have got this coffee thing perfected. They have even added iced coffee, mocha, and espresso-based drinks like caramel macchiato and cappuccino to their menus.

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There is one issue with the new fancy line of handcrafted coffees...a reported slow down in service according to Customers have expressed concerns about the amount of time it takes McDonald's employees to whip up the tasty caffeinated treats.

McDonald's has answered by distributing their McCafe coffees through grocery stores and online retailers, allowing fans to brew their favorite roast at home. For ultimate convenience, a variety of roasts are available in K-Cup®  pods for Keurig® brewers! Including:

McCafe K-Cup coffee pods

Premium Roast is the very blend that kept me sane while in the car with three people and a dog for an entire day. I can now make it at home, in my Keurig® machine?! #Blessed

McCafe coffee pods are gluten-free, sugar-free, and calorie free. *Note, this only applies to their basic coffee roast, as soon as you start to see things like latte or mocha in the name, it is time to check the nutrition label. All of the McCafe K-Cup®  pods contain caffeine except of course for the Premium decaf variety.

Making McCafe coffee at home with your Keurig®  brewer can save tons of money. Although McDonald's coffee is not the most expensive at $1.29 per cup on average, you can still cut that nearly in half with K-Cup®  pods instead. Even more if you score a great deal or coupon! Not to mention you get to avoid the drive there and time waiting in line.

Purchase McCafe Keurig®  K-Cup®  coffee pods here:>>

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