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You already know that Green Mountain Coffee is a top roaster of single-serve Kcup coffee pods. In fact, they are owned by Keurig and have operated in partnership with them for many years. What you may not realize is Green Mountain Coffee was not always an international sensation, they actually started as a small mom-and-pop coffee shop operating out of an old train station in Waterbury, Vermont! 

Green Mountain Coffee may have been a small roaster but, had BIG expectations. They only source their coffees from the top 10% of beans in the world and of those, they choose the very best. Locals fell in love with this insane level of quality and the company began to grow.

In addition to their high standards, they had a vision like no other. Green Mountain knew single-serve coffee was the way of the future and became the very first roaster to jump on the Keurig K-cup bandwagon. In fact, all K-cups were produced in their growing facility for many, many years (except for Canadian bound pods). Green Mountain and Keurig linked arms and dove headfirst into the K-cup coffee revolution. 

And we joined them...before anyone even knew how to pronounce the name Keurig!

Fast forward 10 years and here we are, Green Mountain is still the top K-cup roaster. We are still a proud distributor, sticking solely with their products and approved roasters (because they are the best, duh!).

But, there comes a time to go back to your roots. 

Green Mountain has not forgotten where they came from. They are still roasting amazing, high-quality gourmet coffees in their original ground and whole bean formats. Until recently they have kept that portion of their business a little under the cuff, I think they maintain a well-earned pride for their master roasting and the products that originally gained them local fame. But, guess what...we are now able to offer these highly sought-after coffees in ground and (soon to come) whole bean varieties!

There are currently four classic roasts to choose from (and growing rapidly):

French Vanilla

"Sweet, creamy, and sophisticated. Lusciously rich and smooth, French Vanilla captures the essence of exotic vanilla and offers a sweet, round body, too. The flavors of creamy vanilla custard are now available anytime you want a cup of coffee."



"Indulge in a little buttery nuttiness. A lighter-roasted coffee, our Hazelnut is buttery and sweet with the satisfying flavor of warm, roasted nuts. One whiff of its nutty-sweet aroma and you'll fondly remember autumn evenings in Italy. Even if you've never been."


Breakfast Blend

"Breakfast Blend is a bright classic that combines Indonesian and Central American beans for a balanced taste."


Colombian Fair Trade Select

"Classically balanced, vibrant, and complex. Our Colombian Fair Trade Select is a sunny, warm cup resplendent with ripe fruit notes. Look for lime-citrus brightness and flavors of green apples and sun-plumed raisins. The finish shimmers with sweet notes of grapes and walnut. A beautifully balanced way to smooth out your day."


Why is this so unique?

The ground and whole bean Green Mountain coffees are the EXACT same roasts and flavors that you have come to know and love in the K-cup format. Now you can enjoy using your My Kcup filter, french press, or drip-style brewers without giving up your favorites.

I am so excited for this new endeavor and the ability to add even more flexibility to my coffee life. Now I can enjoy single-serve when I want and ground when I am feeling like it, all consistent. All without giving up one ounce of flavor or quality! 

P.S. Just in case you are wondering, the train station coffee shop is still open! You can visit and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Green Mountain Coffee in addition to learning a heck of a lot of Green Mountain history. It is a great little place to stop if you are ever in the Waterbury area.


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