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Fall is upon us, the crisp air, the stunning landscape and cozy nights by the fire. Fall brings a parade of sensory pleasures including traditional food and drink. I have been stuffing myself with apple pie, crisp, cider and muffins not to mention pumpkin...well, pumpkin everything! Kcup coffee is no exception, fall flavored Kcups including Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider are a welcomed treat this time of year. But, isn't there more to our fall cravings? Can't we shake it up a little with a comforting autumn indulgence that does not involve pumpkin or apple? Green Mountain has answered that question with a resounding YES and the release of two new and extremely unique Keurig Kcup fall flavored coffee pods.


Green Mountain Toasted Marshmallow Mocha 

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha Keurig Kcup coffee.png

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha tastes pretty much how you might imagine, like a fire roasted s'more dipped in freshly brewed gourmet coffee. The hints of marshmallow and chocolate are enveloped in a light roast java taste that is simply to die for. 


Green Mountain Cinnamon Sugar Cookie 

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Keurig Kccup coffee.png

Imagine your favorite homemade cookies sprinkled the perfect amount if sugar and a dash of cinnamon all enhanced by a silky smooth coffee taste. This is one heck of a comforting cup of joe. 


Both amazing new Kcup flavors are limited edition seasonal choices, that means they won't be around for long. Green Mountain releases a selection of amazing roasts just a few times a year as a celebration to the season. These hot little numbers have joined the ranks of Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider and Autumn Harvest to bring us a delectable array of choices throughout September, October and usually part of November. 

Not only are both Toasted Marshmallow Mocha and Cinnamon Sugar Cookie delicious coffee flavors but, they are made from Fair Trade certified 100% Arabica beans. There are no calories in either one nor are they sweetened. The quality is high, the flavor is astounding, but what about the cost? No need to worry there, Green Mountain has maintained a policy of standard pricing on all of their limited edition coffees. In addition these Kcups are compatible with both Keurig 2.0 and all classic Keurig models (except of course for Rivo and Vue). If only they came in a K-carafe then all would be right with the world!

Purchase fall flavored Kcups here:>>

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