Posted on Mon, Nov 28, 2016

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Is there anything that doesn't taste better with Nutella on or in it? I would have to answer with a resounding no. This stuff is heavenly. We use it on toast, sandwiches, waffles and pretty much anything else we can think of. Even the tiniest little pat adds a whole new element to any food. But, the ultimate secret little piece de resistance is a spoonful of Nutella in coffee. It's genius, I know. The hazelnut and chocolate flavors make even a plain cup of coffee explode with dimension. Make it a latte and you will think you are sipping the most exotic coffee house concoction. This Nutella latte recipe can be made in a matter of minutes with few very simple ingredients, right in your own home using a Keurig® brewer and K-Cup®  pods

You will need:


  • Start by adding a spoonful of Nutella to a large mug. Leave the whole spoon right in the mug to assure you get every last bit of Nutella in your cup.
  • Next, brew both K-Cup®  pods into the mug and over the spoon filled with Nutella.
  • Stir VERY well. 
  • Top with cool whip if you desire.

Nutella latte made with a Keurig brewer.jpg

The results of this simple coffee recipe are sure to astound even the most discerning coffee drinker. The flavors seems to amplify one another. There is a subtle sweetness that is just enough to satisfy your cravings but, not so much that it is overwhelming. The coffee taste is apparent, a rarity with many coffee recipes. Instead of masking the coffee base, the Nutella compliments it beautifully. 

How to make a Nutella latte with your Keurig brewer.jpg

The Nutella latte is perfect for one but, provides a great opportunity to impress guests. They will never guess how simple it was for you to make this little baby but, they certainly will be thanking you for sharing!


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