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We have waited for years for a truly recyclable Keurig K-cup coffee pod to become available. Sure there are knock-offs out there but, the quality is less than stellar. And yes, we have figured out time-consuming tricks to disassemble the old school K-cups and save them from the landfill. But, my friends, things have just become a whole lot easier. 

Green Mountain Coffee has followed through with its promises. Four of their key roasts are now made with #5 recyclable polypropylene plastic. This is the same material used in yogurt and butter containers, it can be recycled in the majority of municipalities in the U.S. and Canada. Don't worry, the limited variety of recyclable K-cups is only short-term. Green Mountain is in the process of transitioning all of its eight production facilities to the production of the recyclable pod. Within the next four years, 100% of Green Mountain K-cups will be recyclable. 


There are three simple steps to recycling a Keurig Kcup coffee pod- peel, empty, and recycle. 

First, after you have brewed your Kcup coffee allow it to cool to the touch. Then starting at the puncture hole, peel the aluminum lid off. Be sure to work your way to the edges first in an effort to not leave behind any remnants. You may leave the filter attached to the plastic cup.


Next, place your spent coffee in a composter or sprinkle them on your garden (coffee grounds work as a natural fertilizer).

Finally, send your Kcup to your recycling center for processing. 

The only part remaining that may not be readily recyclable in your area is the aluminum lid. Please check with your waste management company for their tips on how to handle this piece. 

It is no surprise to me that Green Mountain is leading the charge on the Kcup recycling initiative. After visiting their facilities in Waterbury, VT I can personally attest to their commitment to sustainability. From their biofuel tanks to compostable cups to support their farmers. It was impressive, to say the least. I believe with them as our leader, non recycle K-cups will soon be a thing of the past. 


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