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Every now and then I simply need a good cappuccino. Nothing makes me feel more sophisticated or my coffee cravings more satisfied. Cappuccino's offer a lovely blend of frothed milk generally combined with traditional espresso. I prefer mine in a large ceramic mug, made by a professional barista, sitting on a cobblestone street. Since that occurs basically never, I settle for the second best thing...Keurig Coffeehouse Cappuccino made in the comfort of my own home.

The Coffeehouse line of Kcup pods has taken the Keurig world by storm. It is no surprise considering how long we have waited for a frothy option for our one cup coffee makers.  But, all good things come to those who wait and this my friend, is a very good thing. 

Making Coffeehouse Cappuccino with your Keurig brewer is a two step process. When you purchase a box of these pods you will receive an even number of step 1 froth packets and step 2 Kcups and they will be labeled as such. The Kcup coffee is a medium roast that unfortunately is not a true espresso but, provides enough tang to serve as a perfectly suited substitute.

To prepare a fresh mug of Coffeehouse Cappuccino...

Start by emptying the froth packet (step 1) into a large mug.


Next, brew your step 2 Kcup coffee pod directly into the same mug using your desired level of water. 


Finally, head to a favorite spot to relish in the creamy flavors packed into this cup of cappuccino!

Keurig Kcup Coffeehouse Cappuccino provides a nice thick froth that stays with the beverage throughout the entire time of consumption. I have tried other such "cappuccinos" and the froth seems to disappear by the second sip. The coffee taste is abundant in this drink, offering coffee lovers the option to enjoy a smooth treat without losing the precious coffee flavors. There is a bit of sugar in this combination but, I could not taste it, another benefit in my book. In addition to the sugar, the froth packets also contain skim milk, cream and sea salt. I would imagine it is the cream giving this froth such enjoyable qualities.

I would advise that you do not stir this cappuccino as the sensation of sipping the foam followed by a rush of coffee is an experience not to be missed. I would recommend this two step K-cup to all medium and dark roast coffee fans and of course cappuccino lovers. Flavored and light roast Kcup lovers, this is not the one for you. 

P.S. There are only 100 calories in this cappuccino so you can go ahead and let go of any guilt associated with enjoying this well deserved indulgence.

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