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In case you have not heard, there is a new type of K-cup in town, Green Mountain Coffeehouse packs. Green Mountain just released these innovative coffee house style beverages that are quickly becoming all the rage. This two step system allows for the first Keurig brewed frothy treats. There are currently three flavors available: Vanilla Latte, Cappuccino and Salted Caramel Macchiato, we have our fingers crossed that more will be coming soon!

Brewing Coffeehouse K-cups is super easy. There are two step, the milk/flavor/sweetener packet and the K-cup coffee. First, pour the flavor packet powder into a large mug. Then simply brew the K-cup as you normally would directly over the powder and viola...a delicious vanilla latte, cappuccino or salted caramel macchiatto made right in your own kitchen!

The Vanilla Latte flavor was calling my name so I thought I would give it a try first. 

As I poured the powder into my mug, I could already smell slight hints of vanilla, understated but apparent none the less. The powder is made from all natural ingredients such as sugar and skim milk and get only contains 100 calories!


Step 2 consists of a K-cup of medium roast, Fair Trade, 100% Arabica coffee. I chose to brew using the highest water setting of my Keurig. I did not choose the "strong" option on my Keurig 2.0 although after trying it, I wish I had. 


The first sip can only be described in one word- creamy. There is a thin bubbly layer covering the coffee that is filled with hints of sweet vanilla, it is not overpowering just complementary. Please note that this is not a barista prepared latte, do not expect a perfect, fluffy milk cloud.  But, don't get me wrong, even though this is different than a true coffee house latte, it is still amazing in its own right. 

As I drank on the vanilla milk froth began to blend nicely with the coffee. This combination creates an appealing smoothness, each enhancing the other. I would equate the sensation to a typical Colombian roast with a generous portion of vanilla flavored cream but...not the fake tasting overly sweet stuff....delicately created, all natural vanilla cream that I never knew could be come from a powder!

Coffeehouse Vanilla Latte is a great choice for coffee drinkers who don't particularly LOVE the taste of coffee. It is still there (to my pleasure) it is just not overpowering. For those that like a subtle flavor to their coffee and for those that need a low calorie sweet treat. 

If you are a black coffee drinker, I am not sure that this is the coffee for you. If you love a ton of flavor, this will not be your favorite. And finally uber dark roast fans, you may not love it. 

Honestly though, there is not much to not like about this K-cup, it will without a doubt appeal to the masses and provide a welcomed pick me up for many. I for one am beyond thrilled with the ingredients more than anything. I am fairly certain there are few if not any similar coffee drinks that are all natural and contain only 100 calories!

Purchase Coffeehouse Vanilla Latte K-cup packs here:>>

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