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Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Keurig K-cups are a modern-day classic of the single-cup coffee brewing world. When we joined this community nearly a decade ago, Timothy's was the clear front runner. In fact, Timothy's was the only K-cup roasters at that time. Fast forward ten years and they are still around hanging on to their top Keurig K-cup ranking.

Rainforest Espresso offers coffee drinkers a dark roast, extra bold coffee that is certified Kosher and given the stamp of approval by the Rainforest Alliance. Products that are approved by the Rainforest Alliance have met their strict standards for sustainable forest and/or farm sources while maintaining a thriving economic and social opportunity for workers. 

This K-cup coffee pod is roasted in a European espresso style. Don't be mistaken, that does not make it a true espresso coffee house type drink. Those little treats require a specific brewing technique that Keurig is not capable of. That is not what this is nor what it was intended to be or duplicate. It is simply the bean and roasting style that makes this K-cup espresso. 

I chose to brew my Rainforest Espresso K-cup coffee on the highest water setting of my Keurig brewer. I was certain that an extra bold espresso could stand up to a large amount of water. In addition, I chose the "strong/other" option on my Keurig 2.0. I have been so pleased with that added feature as it seems to give the coffee an extra amount of depth that I don't tend to see with the classic Keurig brewing options. 


The result was as I expected, pitch black. This is one dark cup of joe with no translucency to be found. I would describe the aroma as woodsy, almost cedar-like and quite frankly astounding! The first sip offered a pleasant, slightly bitter, slightly citrus taste on the tip of my tongue. This was quickly followed by a wash of dark chocolate sweetness on the back end. Incredible polar opposites in one sip of coffee, how roasters manage to achieve that is beyond me. 

I added a dash of cream and the flavors seemed to melt together into one silky, rich, packed with depth sensation. Rainforest Espresso is full of surprises, this is definitely not your grandma's coffee. 


I would recommend this exciting little number to all dark roast drinkers, in fact, I would highly suggest you try it. This is one of the better quality dark roasts that I have tried with obvious expert roasting. Medium roast drinkers may also give Rainforest Espresso a shot. If you are looking for a bit (or a lot) more depth, it is a no-brainer. Light roast fans, this is not the K-cup pod for you. 

Timothy's Rainforest Espresso is also a perfect choice for making coffee house favorites such as lattes and frappuccinos at home!



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