Review of Wall Street Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Posted on Thu, Nov 27, 2014


Wall Street is a Nespresso compatible espresso capsule manufactured by Hiline coffee.  Hiline coffee offers us an easily accessible, cost effective alternative to Nespresso capsules that brew with this line of espresso machines.

Nespresso coffee capsules are ranked by their intensity with a 1-10 out of 10 rating scale.  Wall Street tops the charts falling in the 10/10 category- it doesn t get any darker than this! This espresso combined Colombian and Brazillian beans. 


I chose to brew my Wall Street espresso on the highest water setting of my Nespresso brewer, knowing that such an intense coffee could easily stand up to the extra water.  The result was a  black espresso- this is the most unique color coffee I have ever seen.  Generally, the dark roast are a non translucent brown, this is without a doubt pure black coffee in the literal sense. In addition, the crema was thick and seemed to crawl up the side of my mug. My favorite part of a good espresso is by far the beautiful cream that forms on top. Crema is a product of the extraction of oils from the beans and is only possible with a genuine espresso brew. 

The first sip was packed with layers.  First, the delicious crema provides a pleasant heavy, silky mouth feel followed with a powerful nutty coffee taste.  The combination is delectable but it doesn't stop there.  On the back end I was hit with a perfect citrus bitterness. All of the layers then linger on the tongue for minutes (I swear- minutes!) after the sip. 

I would recommend Wall Street Nespresso capsules to dark roast fans only, this coffee is a bit too intense for any light or medium drinkers.  If you currently use a Nespresso and favor Kazaar, Dharkan, Ristretto, Arpeggio or Roma...Wall Street is an excellent choice for you!

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