Six Ways to Make Your Kcup Hot Cocoa Even Better

Posted on Mon, Feb 23, 2015


Keurig Kcup hot chocolate is by far one of my favorite go to options when my sweet tooth rears it's ugly head.   Kcup hot cocoa is a quick and easy way to tame the sugar cravings without a tremendous amount of calories and little or no sugar! Sometimes I do get a little bored with plain ol' hot cocoa.  I have experimented with several ways to take the flavor up a whole new level, these are six of my best (click on the image for step by step instructions)...

Mint Chocolate






Peanut Butter and Jelly (trust me it is good!)



Cinnamon Orange



Salted Caramel


Pumpkin Pie


There are so many more ways to take your Kcup hot cocoa from zero to hero. (I guess in this case it would be hero to even bigger hero). Just be imaginative and please do share your ideas with us!

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