Maxwell House: Still Good to the Last Drop

Posted on Tue, Apr 05, 2016


There is no denying it, Maxwell House coffee is an American icon ranking up there with only a small handful of coffee companies that we saw on our parents or grandparents kitchen counters and still enjoy today. 

Simply put, Maxwell House coffee has been a mainstay in every coffee drinkers life.

This powerhouse coffee company was started in 1892 by Joel Owsley Creek and after a quick rise to the top is now a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. 

But don't be confused, classic roasters like Maxwell House don't survive for a century as a top selling brand by not adapting to modern times. Maxwell House has kept the same roasting recipe however, they have cleverly updated the packaging to suit every coffee drinkers preferences from single serve, to classic drip style to concentrates. 

Of course one of their first moves was to offer the roasts in the Keurig® K-Cup® pod format. 


As of this writing there are three varieties of Maxwell House K-Cup® coffees available:

  • The Original Roast
  • House Blend
  • House Blend Decaf

I decided to try The Original Roast first. I brewed it on the ten ounce water setting of my Keurig® coffee maker and chose the "strong" option. I find myself doing this on a regular basis these days as it seems to provide a more satisfying result. I was greeted with a rich black cup of joe with only a slight translucency around the edges. 


I was a bit surprised by the level of darkness this medium roast coffee provided but, I then thought back to my younger days and recall that is was quite rich looking then as well. 

The aroma was also as striking as I had remembered. This K-Cup® smelled exactly like the drip roast did 20 years ago- inviting and delicious!The first sip was incredibly smooth with a very silky mouth feel. Despite a light body, it still supplied ample satisfaction.The taste was somewhat woodsy countered by a hint of citrus.

This is one of those coffees that I am certain would appeal to the masses. I would specifically recommend it to medium and dark roast fans. I think it will appeal light roast drinkers as well, perhaps skipping the "strong" option" would be a good choice for you. Flavored coffee lovers, add a dash of your favorite flavored creamer and you will be in heaven!

If I were to use one word to describe this coffee, it would be classic. This is the taste that originally got you hooked. That consistent coffee that led you down this path of addiction. For me, it was every morning before high school and on into my twenties. I am thrilled to go back to my coffee roots but, with a modern day Keurig twist!

Maxwell House K-Cup® coffee is available in boxes of 24 or an economical 96 ct case. This coffee is sure to be a staple in your K-Cup® coffee collection!


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