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Yes, it is that time already. Time to hit the malls, battle the crowds and spend too much money on a gift that you are kinda sure they might, sort of like. Or are you one of those last minute people that just grabs the first thing you see because its Christmas Eve and you are out of time? Or are you like me and sometimes spend hours upon hours deciding on just the right gift? There is a better way.I am a huge fan of online shopping mostly in an attempt to avoid all of the typical frustrations I listed above. But, I have also found that it saves me an incredible amount of money in two ways. First, there are no impulse buys and man o man am I sucker for those. Second, I can take a few un-distracted minutes to read suggestions from professionals I trust as well as reviews from actual users of the product.

For this reason, I thought I would help you out with the product I happen to be an expert on...Keurig brewers. You can certainly apply the advice I offer to your in store shopping or if you so desire avoid the crowds and shop our site. Either way, the advice is free!

When you begin your quest for a Keurig brewer to give as a holiday gift you will find yourself swimming in a pool of model choices, K45 to K500 and everything in between. You will find yourself confused by terminology, Keurig 2.0 or  Keurig Plus, what is the difference? Charts and maps may be required to figure this stuff out but, don't fret, it is simpler than it appears. 

There are two and only two Keurig Kcup brewers that I would recommend, the Keurig mini or the Keurig 2.0. With that said, lets take a look at each...

The Keurig Mini

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You will find the Keurig Mini posing as the Keurig K10 or Keurig K30, either model is fine in my book, both work exactly the same. The Keurig Mini is also referred to as a "classic" model meaning it will brew any Kcup on the market. As you may know the newest line of coffee machines requires that you use Keurig approved Kcups, not a particular hindrance in my eyes since there over 400 roasts available but, some simply dont like the restriction. I like this brewer because it is super minimal. There is no water reservoir for storing your next hot brew but, it takes somewhere around 60 seconds to heat the fresh water you pour in with each Kcup. Leaving your brewer with automatic longevity as there is never mineral building water sitting inside of it. I would recommend this unit to a smaller family as that time in between brews may be excruciating when a line builds in the kitchen (although my family of six does just fine with ours at our weekend cottage). This is absolutely a perfect gift for a college student, a boater, a camper, anyone who wants coffee in a small space since the foot print is tiny. This coffee maker is my top pick as the best Keurig model to purchase as a holiday gift.

The Keurig 2.0 (or Plus)

Keurig 2.0 coffee brewer.jpg

The Keurig 2.0 as it was originally named is making what seems to be a second debut as the Keurig Plus...I have no idea why because it is the same brewer. Apparently, someone just wants to confuse us. Anyways, I have chosen this as my second choice for the best Keurig to give as a gift because of it's incredibly versatility. Talk about bells and whistles, this baby has got them all. A huge water reservoir, more brew sizes than you will ever need, specific settings for hot cocoa and other specialty items, and a "strong" option for those that like a little extra kick. But, perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to brew  an entire carafe in addition to the traditional one cup option. The 2.0/ Plus comes with a double walled plastic carafe that the brewer will automatically sense and magically knows what to do. Of course you do need a separate size pod for this feature, they are called K-carafes and are readily available wherever Kcups are sold. Speaking of K-cups, this model is one of those picky ones that will only brew Keurig approved pods. I will tell you that most Kcups you find in reputable establishments are Keurig approved so they wont be hard to locate but, to assure your are choosing the correct coffee follow these guidelines:

Keurig approved Kcups.jpg

I would recommend the Keurig 2.0/Plus to a larger user base, those that like a variety of strengths and brews, and of course multiple cup drinkers such as myself will love the Kcarafe option. I would recommend that you consider purchasing the optional stainless steel carafe however, as the plastic one it comes with does not keep the coffee hot for very long. 

P.S. There are a few models of the 2.0 out there, the K200, 250 and up. I would stick with the basic, the differences in the units as you climb the model numbers are so minimal I don't feel they are worth the extra money.

There you have it, a narrowed down guideline that I hope will make your holiday shopping far more simple. Because we all know there are more important things to get to like spending time with family and friends.


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