The K-Cup® Coffee Bible

Posted on Thu, May 04, 2017

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Keurig® K-Cup® pods revolutionized the coffee industry. Although, it is now a household name, there is still some education required in order to get the most out of your K-Cup® coffee experience. The single serve coffee industry has become so massive in such a short period of time, it is easy to get lost in seeming chaos. Keurig® has wisely deployed local distributors, yours truly included, armed with a ton of know how, in order to assist in a grass roots fashion.

Let's start with the bare bone basics, what is a K-Cup® pod?

Some of you may laugh at this question but, I guarantee there was a time that you also said K what? A K-cup® is a capsule containing a pre-measured portion of gourmet coffee grinds. The capsule is used in accordance with Keurig® machines to brew a single serve cup of coffee. The pods are vacuum sealed and remain so until they are inserted into your coffee maker, assuring the freshest cup each and every time. K-Cup® pods are neatly disposed of avoiding any potential mess associated with the coffee making process. 

We have assembled a mass of more advanced information and organized it neatly below. Most of these posts originate for none other than you, our customers, readers, and coffee consumers. Use these tips and trick in order to brew an optimal cup, know whats in it, and get the best K-Cup® coffee price!

1) All about organic K-Cup® coffee pods.

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2) How to find K-Cup® coffee deals.

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3) The story of light roast Keurig® K-Cup® coffee.

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5) How to use recyclable K-Cup® coffee pods.


6) How to find low acid K-Cup® coffee.


7) The top 5 best iced K-Cup® pods.


8) How to make K-Cup® coffee stronger.


9) What to do if your K-Cup® pod explodes.


10) Do Keurig® K-Cup® pods contain sugar or fat?


11) How to but Keurig® K-Cup® pods in bulk.

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12) All about the K-Cup® monthly coffee club.


13) Which K-Cup® pods work best for iced coffee?


14) 8 recipes that  use apple cider K-cup® pods.



This is just the tip of the iceberg, our blog houses hundred of other articles including Keurig® brewer FAQ's, recipes, coffee reviews, and more! 


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