Posted on Thu, May 04, 2017

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Keurig® K-Cup® pods revolutionized the coffee industry. Although, it is now a household name, there is still some education required in order to get the most out of your K-Cup® coffee experience. The single serve coffee industry has become so massive in such a short period of time, it is easy to get lost in seeming chaos. Keurig® has wisely deployed local distributors, yours truly included, armed with a ton of know how, in order to assist in a grass roots fashion.

Let's start with the bare bone basics, what is a K-Cup® pod? Some of you may laugh at this question but, I guarantee there was a time that you also said K what? A K-cup® is a capsule containing a pre-measured portion of gourmet coffee grinds. The capsule is used in accordance with Keurig® machines to brew a single serve cup of coffee. K-Cup® pods are vacuum sealed and remain so until they are inserted into your coffee maker, assuring the freshest cup each and every time. K-Cup® pods are neatly dispose of avoiding any potential mess associated with the coffee making process. 

We have assembled a mass of more advanced K-Cup® coffee information and organized it neatly below. Most of these posts originate for none other than you, our customers, readers, and K-Cup® coffee consumers. Use these tips and trick in order to brew an optimal cup, know whats in it, and get the best K-Cup® coffee price!

1) All about organic K-Cup coffee pods.

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2) How to find K-Cup coffee deals.

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3) The story of light roast Keurig  K-Cup coffee.

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4) Latte, cappuccino,  and macchiato K-cup pods.


5) How to use recyclable K-Cup coffee pods.


6) How to find low acid K-Cup coffee.


7) The top 5 best iced K-Cup pods.


8) How to make K-Cup coffee stronger.


9) What to do if your K-Cup pod explodes.


10) Do Keurig K-Cup pods contain sugar or fat?


11) How to but Keurig K-Cup pods in bulk.

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12) All about the K-Cup monthly coffee club.


13) Which K-Cup pods work best for iced coffee?


14) 8 recipes that  use apple cider K-cup pods.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, our blog houses hundred of other articles including Keurig® brewer FAQ's, recipes, coffee reviews, and more! 

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