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Once upon a time, a little company in Cleveland began distributing Keurig® K-Cup® coffee. It took some convincing by the Keurig® rep that this single-serve concept would be the way of the future. With some trepidation, the company ordered their first shipment of K-Cup® pods. They ordered every roast available, which included about 12 choices.

Fast forward a decade and the little company in Cleveland now carries over 150 K-Cup® coffees. The variety of pods assures that every user gets the cup they want. But, how does one choose? Picking the right K-Cup® coffee is overwhelming. Many suffer from K-Cup® FOMO (fear of missing out) and end up buying entire boxes of coffee that they do not like.

It is for this reason that we began to track the top sellers. Each year, we create a top 10 list from sales data collected throughout the previous 12 months. We then distill that information into the most popular K-Cup® coffees of the year. These best K-Cup® coffees (according to your peers) can serve as a simple guide to help you find your favorite cup.

The top 10 K-Cup® coffees of 2018:

1) Diedrich Morning Edition 

Diedrich Morning Edition

2) Diedrich French Roast

Diedrich French Roast

3) Dark Magic

Green Mountain Dark Magic

4) Cafe Bustelo Colombian

Cafe Bustello Colombian

5) Single Origin Sumatra Reserve

Sumatra Reserve Kcups

6) Double Diamond

Double Diamond Kcups

7) Donut House Coffee

Donut House Kcups

8) Dunkin' Original

Dunkin Kcup coffee

9) Italian Roast

Italian Roast Kcups

There are some commonalities among the best sellers. 

Translation–if you are new to the single serve coffee world (and feel overwhelmed like we did a decade ago) start with a dark roast, non flavored coffee pod made by Green Mountain. 


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