The K-Cup® Coffee Bible

Posted on Thu, May 04, 2017

Keurig® K-Cup® pods revolutionized the coffee industry. Although, it is now a household name, there is still some education required in order to get the most out of your K-Cup® coffee experience. The single serve coffee industry has become so massive in such a short period of time, it is easy to get lost in seeming chaos. Keurig® has wisely deployed local distributors, yours truly included, armed with a ton of know how, in order to assist in a grass roots fashion.

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All About Organic K-Cup® Coffee Pods

Posted on Wed, Apr 26, 2017

In the search to find the best K-Cup® coffee, a common question is, "Are Organic K-Cup® pods available?" We are happy to say yes; organic K-Cup® coffee does exist, made by two very reputable roasters; Green Mountain and Newman's Own. I will admit the sheer lack of choice is a bit disheartening, however, when the choices are superior, maybe it is all we need!
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Coffee + Chocolate x Heaven = Il Morso

Posted on Mon, Aug 31, 2015

Crafty, small batch start ups hold a very special spot in my heart. I admire an the leap of faith it takes to turn something you love into a career. When that something you love happens to involve coffee, I am all ears. Toss in a little chocolate and I am sold. All of these peeked my interest when I came across Il Morso coffee bars. 

Il Morso is a recently launched chocolate company featuring a 100% organic, fair trade product. Oh did I happen to mention that their chocolate is also mixed with amazing bits of espresso?  Ya, see why I was so intrigued?

It all started with a trip to Milan, Italy. The founders, Jason Berton and Jordan Schuster thought they were innocently enjoying their morning espresso but, little did they know...their life was about to change. When the espresso arrived at their table, it was accompanied by a lovely piece of dark chocolate. What happened next was the true starting point of this up and coming business...the waiter suggested that they submerge the chocolate in the espresso. Jason and Jordan fell in love with the taste and Il Morso was born.

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How to Find Low Acid K-Cup® Coffee

Posted on Mon, Aug 17, 2015


There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious cup of fresh coffee. Morning, noon or night, coffee drinkers rejoice in this heavenly beverage that unites friends, brings us new life and provides much needed me time. But, there are still nearly 40 million people avoiding their favorite K-Cup® coffee brew due to stomach issues. 

This is usually caused by the acid.
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What Does French Roast Mean?

Posted on Thu, Jul 02, 2015

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French roast is a common coffee term that tends to get used in an inaccurate manner. It is often portrayed as a high quality, sophisticated coffee choice that hails from France making it's way to only the upper echelon of coffee drinkers mugs. The truth is, the real meaning of French roast is quite the opposite. 

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No More Watered Down Iced Coffee

Posted on Fri, May 01, 2015

Fellow iced coffee lovers, PAY ATTENTION! This is a must have. How tired are you of watered down iced coffee?  I am guessing sick of it just like me. The problem is, the darn ice cubes melt too fast. Not any more. Some genius inventor decide to solve this issue by making larger ice cubes! How incredibly simple is that?

The larger ice cubes are made with a silicone ice cube tray with 2 inch openings. I found a few on Amazon but, this one was the cheapest with great reviews (read here):


DecoBros 2 Pack Silicone 2-Inch King Cubes Ice Tray, Orange

List Price: $19.99

Price: $9.97 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

You Save: $10.02 (50%)

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