Espresso Review-Times Square

Posted on Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Times Square Nespresso pods are brought to us by the leaders in Nespresso compatible capsules- HIline Coffee. Nespresso capsules use an intensity rating of 1-10.  This is a handy way to know right away what you are getting yourself into.  Times Square is pretty high on the scale coming in at 9/10. Times Square is made from a blend of 100% Arabica beans originating in Costa Rica.

I chose to brew my Times Square espresso on the lowest water setting of my little red Pixie brewer simply because I was using my favorite demitasse cup, which is tiny. I would have preferred the larger setting with a little bit of room for cream but, I was too bust  trying to look cool. 
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Espresso Review-Liberty Lungo

Posted on Thu, Apr 09, 2015

Liberty Lungo is a dark roast espresso pod brought to us by Hiline Coffee. Liberty is a Nespresso compatible pod that works with all Nespresso machines (except for the Vertuo line). I brew all of my Nespresso coffees with my cute little red Pixie that I simply adore. 

Most espresso pods are rated on an intensity scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest).  The high rated coffees are darker and bold. Liberty tops that charts at a 10 out of 10 intensity.  But, do not let that scare you away.  The beautiful thing about espresso is even the darkest blends are smooth and easy to drink. In fact I drink a lot of my espresso black because cream simply is not needed. 

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How to Make a Red Eye Coffee

Posted on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

There are times when we all need a major boost, and most of us turn to coffee. But, sometimes just plain ol' coffee won't do, we need a little something more. That is where the red eye comes in. A red eye is a combination of regular brewed coffee and espresso. Not only does this coffee drink provide an absolute ton of caffeine (maybe too much for some so please be careful!) but, it is a perfect choice for those who love a robust tasting cup of coffee.

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Posted on Fri, Mar 20, 2015

First. let me clarify right away. When we refer to an "espresso pod" we are referencing  capsules that work with Nespresso coffee brewers. They are an ultra convenient, ultra delicious way to get a quick caffeine boost (or as I prefer to savor for as long as possible).  But, just how much caffeine do these little babies contain?  Lets find out...

-The typical brewed espresso capsule contains 60-70mg of caffeine.
-The lungo varieties contain a bit more espresso therefore, a bit more caffeine. They come in at about 80-90mg.
-Decaf espresso pods contain less than 1mg.

Nespresso compatible coffees are generally scored by an intensity rating of 1-10. Don't be confused, this intensity rating by no means determines its strength or level of caffeine it simply indicates the level of roasting (1 would be very light, 10 would be very dark).
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Posted on Thu, Feb 05, 2015

Calories can sneak up in the darnedest places. How about when you discover your favorite "healthy" snack has a boatload of calories...isn'tthat just peachy?  Granola is my nemesis, delicious, filling, good for you but man oh man it is jam packed with those pesky little calories that seem to just head straight to my hips. 

There is only one way to win this battle- knowledge.  You must arm yourself with the nutritional information of the foods and drinks you consume the most.  I enjoy a Hiline Coffee Nespresso compatible coffee capsule every afternoon...ok I have two every afternoon, happy?! Is this daily treat contributing to my shrinking jeans?

Let's find out...
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Review of Wall Street Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Posted on Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Wall Street is a Nespresso compatible espresso capsule manufactured by Hiline coffee.  Hiline coffee offers us an easily accessible, cost effective alternative to Nespresso capsules that brew with this line of espresso machines.

Nespresso coffee capsules are ranked by their intensity with a 1-10 out of 10 rating scale.  Wall Street tops the charts falling in the 10/10 category- it doesn t get any darker than this! This espresso combined Colombian and Brazillian beans. 

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