Ultimate Guide: The Best K-Cup® Coffee

Posted on Thu, Sep 17, 2020


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“There are so many K-Cup® pods, I don’t know which ones to pick!” You can say that again. Keurig® Green Mountain alone produces hundreds of different varieties. Plus, new roasters are entering the scene every day.

Picking the best tasting K-Cup® pod is less stressful if you ask for recommendations. All you need to know is what category of coffee you like best. And then, seek experienced Keurig® users–like us.

We have compiled lists of all the best K-Cup® coffees in eight specific groups. Our choices come from sales data, customer reviews, and our own taste tests. In this post, we will help you select a coffee that you will love!

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How do I know what type of coffee I like?

To choose the best K-Cup® coffee you will need to know what roasting level you prefer. It is easy to pick based on your preferences for chocolate, wine, and other taste indicators. For example, do you devour all the white chocolate you can? If the answer is yes, you are likely to enjoy light roast coffees.

Dark Roast

  • dark chocolate
  • toast
  • spice
  • merlot
  • shiraz

Medium Roast

  • milk chocolate
  • caramel
  • honey
  • pinot noir
  • chardonnay

Light Roast

  • white chocolate
  • fruit
  • flowers
  • pinot grigio
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Now that you know which roast level suits your taste buds it is time to pick a pod. This is where most coffee drinkers suffer from overchoice. Don’t worry, we have a remedy. Rather than picking from hundreds, try our lists of the top ten. You have the following categories to choose from– light, medium, dark, flavored, decaf, day to day, tea, and non-coffee.

Just choose a category, click the link and you will be presented with the top ten most popular K-Cup® pods in that division. We are confident that you will be satisfied with any of them. Why? Because they are the best tasting, selling, and chosen in reviews.

The Best K-Cup® Coffee to Drink

What about my family and guests?

Hosting book club? Family breakfast? Surely, your guests' coffee preferences will differ from one another. And probably form yours too. That is why it is always nice to have a selection of “mass appeal” pods on hand. These are K-Cup® coffee drinkers that will appeal to a broad range of drinkers. Mom likes light roast but Dad prefers flavored? This article lists ten choices both of them will enjoy.

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What if I don’t like coffee?

Tea and hot cocoa drinkers, we have not forgotten about you. There are plenty of Keurig® options for non-coffee drinkers. Herbal tea and hot cocoa are at the top of the list. Plus, you can get creative. In this article, the author describes how to make oatmeal, ramen noodles, and desserts with your brewer!

Keurig® has always been about simplicity. One cup of coffee just for you. But over the years it got confusing as more companies jumped on the bandwagon. It is up to us to make a return to that simple beginning by making your favorite K-Cup® easy to pick. Easy to find. Easy to love.

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Cheers! ☕️


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