Why We Love Buying Cheap K-Cup® Pods Online (and You Should too!)

Posted on Wed, Mar 07, 2018

Coffee is without a doubt one of the best simple pleasures in life. Perhaps only second to a hot shower or binging a great show on Netflix. It is well worth any cost but, I am sure you have all asked, " Where is the best place to get cheap K-Cup® pods?" I would add, without sacrificing quality. After all, life is far too short for bad coffee and with a little know-how and online savvy, gourmet coffee pods can fit any budget. 

After ten years in the industry, we have found the best place to get a good deal on Keurig® brewers and coffee is through online distributors. There are a variety of reasons that all add up to time and money saved.

5 reasons why buying K-Cup® pods online is best

1) More K-Cup® pods per box

Keurig® has designated specific box sizes for various distribution channels. I have no idea why they have chosen to do this as it does nothing but cause confusion. But, alas, if we break it down by price per cup, larger boxes almost always win when it comes to cost savings. Grocery stores and big-box retailers have been assigned the 10 or 12 count box sizes that are usually sold around $9.99. It sounds like a bargain price doesn't it? Not when you compare it to the 24 count box size that has been assigned to online, authorized distributors. Our price point is as low as $11.49 per box for everyday discount K-Cup® brands which come in at well below the grocer's sale cost.

Take away: calculate the price per cup and explore everyday discount K-Cup® brands.

comparison the prices of kcup coffee at the grocer and online

2) Deal bloggers

Mommy bloggers, coupon clippers, or deal junkies- whatever you want to call them, they can help you save money on all of your household items including K-Cup® coffee. These savvy seekers of savings earn a small commission for their efforts and pass their findings on to you to reap the rewards. You have to be careful though, there are some that will intentionally lead you astray as they only want you to click on their links and don't care about really helping you. We have worked with the best in the industry and have a few recommendations. 

5 deal bloggers that will help you find the cheapest K-Cup® pods: 

Take away: Use reputable deal bloggers to find the best prices on household items including coffee.

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3) Larger variety

Online K-Cup® coffee sellers are privy to a more extensive variety due to their private agreements with Keurig®. Also, online sellers are not restricted by shelf space. Warehouses chock full of shelving is at their disposal as a wholesale approach is often taken and visual representations are limitless in cyber space. Grocers on the other hand have only a certain amount of real estate for the K-Cup® pods they choose to sell. This leaves them with little room for variety, and if they guess which flavors you like incorrectly, old inventory clutters the shelves and drives up prices. Finally, competition is steep online which will dictate to the market to drop prices and savings on to you. 

Take away: Online K-Cup® coffee sellers can provide you with a larger variety of roasters.

Kcup variety grocer v onlin.jpg

4) Access to top (low cost) roasters

Online sellers of K-Cup® coffee are provided access to everyday low price brands. Retail stores and grocers are more inclined to carry their private label roasts or famous makers that come at a high cost. Shopping for standard low pricing eliminates the need to search out sales while purchasing them from a reputable distributor provides high-quality standards.

3 top everyday low price K-Cup® coffee brands: 

Diedrich and Donut House are 3 of the top 5 bestselling coffees (French Roast, Rio Blend, and Chocolate Glazed Donut) of all of our 2017 K-Cup® sales!

Take away: Purchase everyday low price brands such as Diedrich and Donut House.

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5) Auto-ship programs

Amazon started it; now most online retailers are following with a recurring discount for placing products on an auto-ship/ subscription status. The standard deduction is 5% which may seem insignificant but, it is the recurring part that makes the savings impactful. Saving 5% with every single shipment adds up to a nice chunk of change over time. Combine the cost savings with the convenience of basically doing nothing aside from waiting for coffee to show up at your door, and this is one heck of a great way to keep you K-Cup® coffee supply plush. and the costs down.

Take away: Use auto ship programs to save you time and money when shopping for Keurig® coffee. 

kcup convenience grover v online.jpg

Shop online for cheap K-Cup® pods now:>>

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