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keurig brewer maintenanceYou have taken the plunge to the wonderful world of single serve coffee by investing your hard-earned money into a Keurig brewer.  Many take this leap of faith not realizing that there is some maintenance required.  A Keurig needs a little extra love and attention that you probably have not been used to giving to your coffee brewer.  The good news is there are some very easy steps you can take to keep your new toy running smoothly and ensure a good, long life!

First meet your Keurig’s very best friends:

1) Use distilled or filtered water (never spring or tap water).

This is an absolute must do.  The minerals in your tap water will build up inside your brewer over time and cause all kids of havoc.  This is the number one mistake I see people make and the number one reason for early deaths in Keurig brewers.

2) Perform periodic descaling using Keurig descaling solution or distilled white vinegar.

Most Keurig brewers come with a sensor that will alert you that a descaling is in order however, I would suggest you write it on you calendar to do every 8 weeks whether it is needed or not. We recommend using Keurig descaling solution.

Descaling is so easy and the benefits are enormous, watch this step by step video to learn how:

3) Use only Keurig approved products in your brewer. 

There are more and more knock off “Kcups” available in the marketplace everyday.  These products are tempting to try for a bit of variety or perhaps a lower price but, using them can void the warranty of your Keurig brewer and possibly assure the demise of your prized possession. Keurig spent years researching and developing the optimal Kcup to be used properly in their brewers. The renegades can not say the same.  I have seen knock offs that are made from instant coffee or have sugar in them- 2 sure-fire ways to kill a Keurig.

How do you know you are getting a Keurig approved product?  It is easy…just look for the seal.


keurig brewed seal


4) Purchase a commercial grade brewer.

Keurig offers 2 lines of coffee brewers, one is approved for use in homes the other is designated for commercial use.  It stands to reason that the commercial grade brewers are designed to take on the use and abuse of an office or warehouse.  Wouldn’t it make sense to bring that same quality into your home?  I sure think it does!  However, the commercial brewers can be difficult to find. Very few retailers carry them because they cater to homes.  To be sure that you are getting the highest quality brewer first, do business with a Keurig Authorized Distributor.  Distributors (such as us) generally operate online but will sometimes have a local retail shop as well.  Also, look for a model number higher than 100. The B40, B50, B60 and B70 are all home units. The B145, B150 and B155 are all commercial units.

To make it simple… buy a B/K145. This is the most economical, longest lasting brewer available.  AND it comes with a variety pack of coffee to boot!

5) Never use anything in your Keurig besides water and Kcup coffee.

This may seem silly but, you can’t imagine how many times we have heard the question:

“Can I put milk in the water reservoir of my brewer to make hot chocolate?”

The answer is heck no!

“Can I put sugar in my re-usable My Kcup?”

Absolutely not!

Let’s make this real clear, if you find yourself asking can I put _______ in my Keurig.  And the blank is filled in with anything other than coffee and water, the answer is no.

Your Keurig shows you love every morning with your favorite fresh, hot coffee ready to drink in under a minute. Return the favor with simple care and maintenance and you will have a relationship to last a lifetime!

Purchase Keurig cleaning solution here:>>

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