Coffee Origins

Posted on Wed, Mar 13, 2013

I admit it, I dont know anything about coffee origins.  I don’t know what coffee comes from where, what characteristics the environment has on the beans, which regions produce the most coffee, why to choose one of the other… I got nothin.

I am determined to find the answers to these questions.  I want to see a Sulawesi Toraja and know its distinctive features, where it came from, if and why I want to drink it and most importantly I want to sound smart when talking with the coffee snobs I run into from time to time.

Join my on my self guided tour of the earths coffee regions!

Up this week… Hawaiin of course!

Coffees of Hawaii

Hawaii is the home of the only coffee grown in the United States (except for a guy I met who is actually growing a coffee tree in his basement but, I digress).  What a treasure we have right here in our homeland. I always picture coffee growing in some far off Brazilian rain forest, not on our own soil.  Despite what most people think there are several varieties of coffee grown in Hawaii besides Kona.  Kona just happens to be the most popular but, buyers beware- most of the Kona coffees sold domestically are a blend.  Kona has such a smooth taste that it pairs well with a well how shall we say… not so smooth coffee… and still comes out as a delicious roast.  There are coffee aficionados out there that will scoff at that and refuse to drink anything except 100% Kona coffee.  I cant say that I blame them, from what I read these beans have a lot to be desired.  Pure Kona is quite simply cost prohibitive. is why you will see many travelers shipping coffee home when visiting Hawaii- they cant pass up the great price on 100% Kona coffee! Kona is a stronger roast but somehow delicate at the same time.  Sounds like a true treasure that I can not wait to try.

I found several farms that will ship directly to the states.  One that particularly peeked my interest based on its popularity is Blue Horse farm. They farm 100% Kona coffee with no pesticides. They ship their beautiful beans straight from their farm to your front door!

Farm-direct: 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Beans, 1 Lb

As I mentioned, there are so many other beans grown on the Hawaiin Islands such as; Ka’u, Puna, Hamakua, Kauai, Maui, Moloka’i, Waialua just to name a few.  All in all there more than 700 farms on the islands producing close to 7 million pounds of coffee per year!

Who would have known?!

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