Latte Love Valentines Day Art Contest

Posted on Fri, Feb 08, 2013

Love is in the air and I loooovee lattes!  Seriously, I crave them.  There is nothing better than a well made latte with just the right thickness, delicious coffee and of course a milk mustache!

latte milk mustache

Last year I had to pleasure of attending a Latte Art competition,  yes there is such a thing.  Several professional barista’s were judged on different components of their latte art, it was serious business.  I was impressed with how the baristas truly loved their profession,  this was not just a get through college kind of job for them.  I was also beyond impressed with their latte art skills.  Before the competition spectators were permitted to participate in a workshop and give latte art a shot.  Let me tell you,  it is so much harder than it looks!  In my several attempts to create a rosette, I ended up with blob after blob after blob.  It was so much fun,  I didn’t care plus blobs taste pretty darn good!

I immediately knew I had to take my new-found knowledge home with me and of course put a Keurig Kcup spin on it! I tried several different ways to create an at home latte and finally perfected it.  It is so nice to be able to enjoy a coffee-house quality latte on a whim with no special equipment.  I made a short video to show you how (I am not a videographer and I shot this with my phone people so don’t judge, it gets the job done):

Here is where you come in- we want to see your latte art!  In honor of Valentines Day the theme will be hearts.  Send us a picture of your attempt at a latte heart to be entered into our contest to win a chocolate themed 30 count variety pack of Keurig Kcups and a special Valentines Day mug! Entries must be submitted through our Facebook page. Simply upload your photo with a description  to our timeline. The photo that receives the most “likes” over the next week will be our winner (encourage your family and friends to vote!).

All entries must be submitted by February 13th at midnight EST. Likes will be tallied and a winner will be announced on Valentines day at 12 noon EST.

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