9 Ways to Re-use Keurig K-cup Coffee Grinds

Posted on Wed, Nov 14, 2012

Last weeks post, An Easy Coffee Body Scrub Recipe, really got me thinking… are there other ways to re-use my Keurig K-cup coffee grinds? As I mentioned in that post,  I have a jar next to my Keurig brewer for collecting the used grinds.  With the amount of coffee we drink in this household,  it is filling up very quickly!


I am bound and determined to not waste any of it so, Google here I come. Who would have know there are so many uses for spent coffee grinds!  I found several dozen but,  chose my 9 favorite to share with you:

1-Coffee grounds act as a deterrent to ants (except for fire ants), sprinkle on ant hills and any ant entry areas to help eliminate these pesky insects.

2-Use as an excellent fertilizer for tomatoes. Mushrooms thrive with a little coffee grounds mixed in their soil. (The plastic container of K-cups also make great seed starter!)

3-An air freshener for your refrigerator or freezer.  Save an old plastic container, fill it with the grinds, poke holes in the lids and place it in the desired area.  The coffee grounds will absorb bad odors and leave your fridge smelling fresh and clean. I plan to toss my whole used K-cup into a large margarine tub.  This will save the mess of removing the lid and grinds.

4-Make a strong coffee solution from used grinds to hide scratches on wood furniture.  Simply dab with a cotton ball and your furniture will look revitalized.

5-Coffee grinds work great in eliminating odors on your hands after cooking with garlic and onions.  Just use a small handful to rub all over your hands and rinse with water and that smell will be ancient history!

6-For grooming your pets, bathing your pets with coffee grinds has been noted to provide a nice sheen to their fur and some claim that it eliminates fleas and other parasites.

7-Use in your fireplace to reduce dust.  Sprinkle wet grinds in the bottom of your fireplace to help control dust when you are cleaning it.  I am willing to bet this will produce a great smell as well.

8-Make an all natural brown die for coloring fabrics.  Make a strong coffee solution by combining grind with hot water then steep the fabric in the solution.  The result will be a unique, aged appearance that you will love! I even read that coffee grinds can be used to make henna tattoos as well.

9-Add nutrients to your compost bin. Coffee grounds are a great addition to your compost bin, the result will be an acidic soil that your roses will love!

Have I missed any?  Do you re-use coffee grinds? Please help me in my mission in eliminating coffee grind waste : )


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