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Review of Wall Street Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Posted on Thu, Nov 27, 2014

Wall Street is a Nespresso compatible espresso capsule manufactured by Hiline coffee.  Hiline coffee offers us an easily accessible, cost effective alternative to Nespresso capsules that brew with this line of espresso machines.

Nespresso coffee capsules are ranked by their intensity with a 1-10 out of 10 rating scale.  Wall Street tops the charts falling in the 10/10 category- it doesn t get any darker than this! This espresso combined Colombian and Brazillian beans. 

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How to Make Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa With Your Keurig

Posted on Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Well, we are setting weather records in the north east.  It couldn't possibly be for the warmest November in history, no we had to go for the coldest...isn't that just peachy?  That is okay, there is no group more equipped to handle these frigid temperatures, we know what to do- fleece and flannel are our best friends, wool socks are in all of our dressers, we love our parkas and boots but, most of all...we drink lots of hot cocoa! Can you blame us, it warms from the inside out and tastes amazing at the same time!

I for one, get a little tired of plain ol' hot cocoa day after day.  For that reason I like to doctor it up, throwing in a little bit of this and dash of that.  Sometimes it is an utter failure other times a masterpiece!  My latest experiment is definitely the later, ladies and gentlemen I give you Pumpkin Pie Hot Cocoa made with a Keurig brewer...

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Where to Buy Coffee For Keurig 2.0

Posted on Thu, Nov 20, 2014

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the intense response that we received to our recent post regarding the "oops" error message on Keurig 2.0. This has become our all time most popular article eliciting fervent comments and emails.  Fortunately, we have been able to successful help most of those who have reached out to us with information regarding this somewhat confusing situation. 

All of this led me to the thought- we have come to a time that our daily coffee requires the assistance of an expert in the industry.

Although the act of brewing a cup of coffee has become extremely simplified, the technology that allows that to happen has gone in the complete opposite direction.  The release of Keurig 2.0 has added to the complexity...and that is okay as long as you are informed and know who to turn to for help.
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Coffee Quote of the Week-How Beautiful a Day Can Be

Posted on Tue, Nov 18, 2014

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Keurig K-cup Review-Perfetto

Posted on Thu, Nov 13, 2014

Perfetto is a dark Keurig K-cup coffee brought to us by Italy's favorite roaster- Lavazza. Perfetto is prepared in a European fashion resulting in an espresso type of flavor.  

I chose to brew my Perfetto K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig brewer, expecting that this dark, espresso roast coffee would be "thick" enough to stand up to the extra water without losing any of its body. While brewing the aroma was that of dry wood of course mixed with an amazing coffee scent.
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Keurig K-cup Recipe-Bulletproof Coffee

Posted on Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Bulletproof coffee seems to be all the rage lately, filing Pinterest boards of the health conscience. You may have scrolled past as I have up until now, not knowing what it is and assuming it is just another fad.  After reading several articles this is what I have learned:

Bulletproof coffee is a unique combination of healthy fats with a high quality caffeine source.  The creator claims that drinking this concoction will not only leave you feeling satiated but will ramp up your metabolism as well. There have even been reports of mental clarity and an intense ability to focus. This was all inspired by a Tibetan tradition of drinking ghee or other superior fat sources. But, for us it does not need to be that complicated, we can certainly enjoy the same benefits with a simpler rendition of Bulletproof coffee.

Let's get to the recipe...

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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Posted on Thu, Nov 06, 2014

The busiest shopping day of the year tends to bring out the inate hunter/ gatherer instincts in us all. We wake up at the crack of dawn to make the long trek to the malls and shopping centers.  As the crowd builds so does our feelings fight or flight. Only the strongest will even get past the opening of the doors without getting lost in the herd. The most savvy shoppers will survive. But, who wants to simply survive?  With a few tips and trick you will THRIVE on Black Friday, returning to your cave with a plethora of goods to sustain you and your family!

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Coffee Quote of the Week-Save the Planet

Posted on Tue, Nov 04, 2014

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Keurig K-cup Review-Autumn Harvest Blend

Posted on Thu, Oct 30, 2014

As many of you already know Keurig Green Mountain likes to tease us each season with the release of a limited edition coffee. I for one anticipate the arrival of each and every variety including - Pumpkin Spice, Eggnog, Gingerbread, Golden French Toast and Island Coconut.  Up until now they have always been a flavored coffee that is appropriate for the given time of year.  But, get this- Green Mountain has taken it up a notch and added a regular roast K-cup for each season as well! 

As I write this post it is October, the current seasonal coffees are of course Pumpkin Spice and the first release of Autumn Harvest.  

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Keurig K-cup Recipe-Hot Peppermint Bourbon Tea

Posted on Tue, Oct 28, 2014

Well, its officially over.  Summer is gone, I am freezing every. freaking. day. I have a lot of secret weapons to attempt to battle the next six months- fleece blankets, wool socks and a perfect spot in front of the fire. But, my truly favorite way to keep warm is so simple- hot tea.  I sip a cup throughout the entire day and I am telling you- it makes a huge difference.  Sometimes on a particularly cold evening, I doctor it up a bit.  This my friends is how my beloved Hot Peppermint Bourbon tea was born.  

Let's get to the recipe...

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