Posted on Mon, Aug 17, 2015

There is nothing more satisfying than a delicious cup of fresh coffee. Morning, noon or night, coffee drinkers rejoice in this heavenly beverage that unites friends, brings us new life and provides much needed me time. But, there are still nearly 40 million people avoiding their favorite Kcup brew due to stomach issues. 

This is usually caused by the acid.

Coffee can be quite acidic, leaving some stomachs very unhappy. Now, let's not just assume that acid is a bad guy, it is actually a double edge sword. When done right, it gives coffee the bright, crisp, clean elements that all coffee lovers look for. But, for others, it can cause less then pleasurable results. If you are one of these poor souls, there is good news- you are probably just drinking the wrong kind of Kcup coffee. Although there are no Kcup coffee pods labeled low acid, there are a few that are inherently easier on the ol' tummy. 

1) Dark roast K-cups

Surprisingly darker roasted coffees produce less acid in the body than light roast. This is most likely the result of a pleasant little compound called NMP.  NMP helps reduce the production of acid when coffee is consumed. Dark roast coffee contains nearly twice as much of this compound as lighter roasted coffees. 

In addition, dark roast Kcup coffees are lower in caffeine content. Caffeine is another issue when it comes to coffee stomach problems. The lower content in dark roast Kcups will reduce the issues even further. 

2) Bean origin

There are two origins of coffee beans that I highly recommend for those looking for low acid Kcups. Sumatran and French Roast. Both are dark roasted and tend to be a little easier to digest. 

In addition, try using cream or milk in your coffee. Calcium in a natural acid reducer, adding a splash to your morning cup may just be the solution you are looking for!
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