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Posted on Fri, Jun 06, 2014

Coffee_Bean_and_Tea_Leaf_Costa_Rica_Keurig_K-cup_coffeeCosta Rica is a medium roast K-cup coffee brought to us by my new obsession- Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This is the fourth and final variety that CBTL offers in a K-cup coffee, if you are new to the blog we have already reviewed Toasted Amaretto, Cafe 63 and Viennese Blend.   

The Republic of Costa Rica is an ideal location for coffee growing.  Volcanic ash has created a fertile soil and the climate is optimal.  Coffee is a HUGE deal in Costa Rica and has been for quite some time.  Today it is their #3 export making it a valuable part of the countries economy.  The growth of coffee exports started nearly a century ago when government saw the potential of this crop.  They decided to be extremely aggressive in becoming one of the top coffee growing regions in the world by offering farmers free plots of land to grow the commodity.

But, can that kind of quantity still retain a high quality?  Absolutely.  Costa Rican coffee beans are considered to be among the best in the world.  As a matter of fact one of their varieties is actually the most expensive cup of coffee thus far and no I am not referring to the legendary Kopi Lawa or Jamaican Blue.  Tarrazu has surpassed them thanks mostly to the Starbucks rendition. 

The qualities of Costa Rican coffee is described as:

- simple and balanced

- high acidity

- heavy mouth feel

Can CBTL's Costa Rica Keurig K-cup coffee live up to these high standards?

Let's get to the review to find out...

I chose to brew my Cost Rica K-cup on the highest water setting of my Keurig.  I am finding more and more that  most K-cups can stand up to the extra water except for Green Mountain light roasts and some of the flavors (in my opinion).

The result was a nice rich brown with little to no translucency (just the way I like it). 


The first sip tasted clean. That may be an odd word to describe coffee but, it is what immediately comes to my mind. There is an evenness to this coffee as well as a crisp taste.  I did detect an acidity but, it is not a turn off. The mouthful is medium bordering on heavy.  

I would compare Costa Rica K-cup coffee to a Colombian.  This roast tastes similar to Caribou Blend as well.

I would recommend this K-cup to medium and dark roast drinkers.  It is definitely a medium roast but borders on the dark roast side.  Flavored and light roast coffee drinkers, this is not the one for you. 

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